Viva vision #10 Digital Wellbeing nurtured by Personal Insights

Here’s some nice easy ways I am using Personal Insights on Viva Insights in the flow of my work to protect my digital wellbeing:

  • Send Praise to a colleague for being so helpful as the giving is as nice as the receiving.
  • Mark my calendar as Focus Time and work for 2 hours free of alerts and notifications, working on a PowerPoint presentation making comments to two other colleagues on different time zones.
  • Time for a midday breather so walk the dogs with a Headspace Meditation on my mobile with my Teams certified headset.
  • At 4pm each day get a notification on Teams to reflect on my day and note my mood, selecting a smiley face in my personal Viva Insights.
  • Then another notification reminding me to wrap up my day with a Virtual Commute
  • This helps me to complete outstanding Tasks and view my meetings tomorrow pushed from Outlook.
  • My Quiet Hours & Days are set from 6pm GMT so time to relax with no notifications from colleagues pinging on my mobile from other time zones who are continuing to work; until I start work again the next day at 9am.

I end my very productive day with the satisfaction I am working smarter not harder on Teams with Viva Insights; and my digital well-being is in great shape with my Personal Insights.

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