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Hello! I’m Lesley Crook a Viva Visionary and MVP, M365 Apps & Services of 7 years. Focus on employee experience, employee engagement, hybrid work, adoption & change management, champions programmes on Yammer, Teams and now Microsoft Viva!

Viva Suite, too much, too young #AnswersInViva

Too Much, Too Young. The Specials. Likewise, #VivaSuite is special with too [much] features! It will help if young to keep up with the Microsoft firehose. Still, its all incredibly exciting so get set for another premium feature in #VivaEngage called #AnswersInViva. 2019, #VivaEngage (formerly #Yammer) released a new question post type to make knowledge capture in #Yammer easier. Following four years of research (Project Cortex), #AnswersInViva is…

Viva Engage Yammer Story & Storylines – made simple

Viva Engage is Yammer, and Yammer is Viva Engage. There is no difference in back-end services, content, governance, licensing, etc. Viva Engage is neatly integrated within Microsoft Teams, enabling a flow of work rather than jumping out and across disconnected applications, of which Yammer is. You can access your Viva Engage Yammer activities from the left on…


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