Welcome to my Viva Explorer visions

Lots more to share in the coming months with #VivaExplorers

Nurture your Ikigai employee wellbeing with Viva

Sharing here how in my opinion the Japanese happiness model Ikigai supports a good Employee Experience with Viva. I wrote this a year ago before I created this blog site; and now aligned with Stale Hansen’s Digital Wellbeing model.

Happy International Women’s Day!

eam. Please meet some wonderful women I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside and co-present with at community events this year. It’s been a complete blast of learning and immense fun. Looking forward to more. Please meet and follow:


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Hello! I’m Lesley Crook a Viva Visionary and MVP Office Apps & Services of 5 years. With a focus on the employee experience, employee engagement, hybrid work, adoption & change management, champions programmes on Yammer, Teams and now Microsoft Viva.

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