Viva origami. Making the complex, simple.

Viva origami

Continuing my light-hearted series on how to explain Viva to a teenager schooled on Teams during the pandemic.

Following my analogy of using the Rubik’s cube to explain how to make the complex Viva Suite simple to customers.

Viva complexity @ 22 Sept 2022 …

I turned the complex Microsoft Viva Suite into real origami to simply explain the Viva cross-module value proposition of nurturing connections, discovering insights, enabling growth, and having a purpose in the flow of your work on Teams as you continually open and close the paper model.

You are in safe hands when operating Viva origami as it uses the same Teams governance, and compliance, securely working in the cloud. Consider the origami folds as Teams Channels unifying great employee experience features.

More Here.

I shared this and the Viva cube analogies in Humans of IT session at Microsoft Ignite, Manchester UK alongside MVP co-presenter Sara Fennah and we’ve had amazing feedback from customers, Partners, MVPs and Microsoft with 500+ online on Teams and in room to capacity.

Download here.

Technical requirements: Paper, printer, scissors. Trim the edges. Start with the Microsoft complex Viva model face-up, then follow this simple video and enjoy some mindfulness.

Grateful feedback, thank you:

“Congrats on your session last week! I got several messages from CSMs if they can have the Viva paper you used in your session, that’s foldable. May I ask you to share the Template with me that the CSMs can use it for their customer conversations. Many thanks!” Bernd Zimmerman, Director CSU, Microsoft

“This is such an innovative way of positioning the value – definitely something we can use when talking to our customers.” Louis Arthur-Brown, Product Manager, Codestone Group

“The origami was a great touch!” Rob Quickenden, MVP, CTO, Cisilion

I am part of an enthusiastic Viva Explorer movement that, at this point in time, has 50+ MVPs across the globe. We are hosting our inaugural UK meet-up on Saturday, 12 November, in Manchester with a packed agenda spanning all Viva modules. I hope Microsoft do not announce another module that ruins my analogies too soon. Our goal is to help customers understand the benefits of Viva with a key result of improving their employee experience. Please register here.

Discover free Microsoft Viva Workshops!

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