Turn Rubik’s Cube into Viva

Viva Cube

In the 1980s, Rubik’s Cube won many awards for the best toy with all-inclusive international appeal. I looked back in time to see why it was so popular and realised that turning the cube reveals cross-module Viva integration and a neat way to explain Viva to a teenager schooled on Teams during the pandemic – or a customer keen to improve their employee experience!

Microsoft announced Viva in February 2012 as an employee experience platform that combines four modules spanning communications, knowledge, learning, and insights.

I likened this to the 2×2 cube with six sides for Connections, Topics, Learning, Insights and space for SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. You are in safe hands twisting and turning a Viva cube as it uses the same Teams governance and compliance, securely working in the cloud. Consider the sides as Teams Channels unifying a great employee experience. These are all standalone features simply returning to their starting position as Rubik’s cube intended.

A few months later, Microsoft announced additional Premium features. We have a larger Viva 3×3 cube but still six cross-module integrations traversing Connections, Topics, Learning, Insights, SPO and Exchange.

22nd September Microsoft announced yet more features and named it the Viva Suite with nine modules with previously announced Viva Goals, Viva Sales plus Viva Amplify, and Viva Pulse, with more coming!

Now we have the complex Viva dodecahedron with twelve sides but the same performance as the small cubes where you simply twist and turn across the business modules that are also standalone features through the lens of Teams.

Think about …

Rubik’s cube physical and mental benefitsViva value proposition
It helps with my problem-solving skills.In the flow of my work, I hover over unusual words like acronyms and find helpful content and experts helping me to work productively, often at home with Viva Topics.
It helps me to optimize the best use of a situation from an external perspective.We set personal objectives and key results with the team on how we make a difference in the company’s success and satisfy customers using Viva Goals.
It helps me to re-frame challenges into opportunitiesI love working on the front line in a hospital and sharing my ideas that might help others – and others might help me improve my work with Viva Engage and news that is relevant to me using Viva Connections and Working Out Loud.
It helps me to break-down multiple tasks into simple stepsIt is great that learning new skills is part of my working day using Viva Learning
It helps me improve my finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination to create mindful time when stressed.I use Virtual Commute to help complete tasks and prepare for the next day. I use the Headspace meditation app to switch off from work using Viva Insights.
It helps me to persevere and keep going when trying to solve a problemI use Focus Time on my calendar to give me time to focus on one project, training, or work issue using Viva Insights

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