Viva Engage. A marriage made with Yammer & Teams in the cloud

Viva Engage

Microsoft recently announced the 7th Viva module, Viva Engage with a cute hug logo that Yammy really Likes!

Engaging Viva hug
The engaging Viva hug

Viva Engage could be a marriage made in heaven integrating Yammer and Teams blessed by Microsoft Graph; with bridesmaids, old My Sites and M365 profiles blended into a personalised feed similar to the Facebook experience but undoubtedly better, as part of your current secure, governed and compliant M365 productivity cloud licenses.

Comms professionals never had it so good as the personalised storytelling (storyline & stories) feed in Viva Engage puts multiple employee engagement features right alongside your mobile company intranet in Viva Connections, and the broadcast feature Company Communicator, all through the lens of Teams helping to unlock priceless, serendipitous, tacit knowledge.

However, there are suddenly too many Microsoft applications and features causing confusing where to push and/or pull employee messaging. There is a lot of information to consume with Viva Engage at this time but I imagine once globally available it will be easy to drive than thinking about how the engine works. No one told us how to use social media apps, satnav or banking apps, constantly upgraded with no training.

Also consider the legal implications of using WhatsApp for work contravening HR policies and GDPR.

The most important thing to consider as the business benefit here is sharing your work in your best collaborative places with a view – others might find it helpful and others might help you improve your work. That’s Working Out Loud!

For Yammer fans who need to appreciate the Viva Engage engine prior to global release follow the links below for excellent perspectives, also join one of these Microsoft Viva Engage webinars this week.


Webinar ( – 2 Aug 3pm (GMT)

Webinar ( – 3 Aug 1am (GMT)

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Discover free Microsoft Viva Workshops!

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