A Viva day in the life on Teams*reimagined


In September 2021 Microsoft launched Viva as a direct response to the challenges of working from home:

“We need to define productivity much more broadly with inclusive collaboration, learning and wellbeing to drive career advancement for every type of worker with flexibility in when, where and how people wish to work.”

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.

During lockdown we dressed down and worked from home on Teams. It was the perfect time for learning new things, and I immersed myself in Viva’s immense tools and features many new to me, and to be honest surprised us all!

I started to see Teams as the M365 hub for collaboration and productivity with cross solution integrations branded Viva!

To demonstrate thinking differently I reimagined my personal brand and became the Viva Visionary and made the most of my features with an empowering make-over with “art of the possible” blogging binoculars!

Likewise, Microsoft is reimagining M365 through the lens of Microsoft Teams with powerful features customers are paying for but not consuming.

Viva Suite
Viva Suite

By the end of last year, I’d written 12 Viva blogs of which the 4th blog: A Viva Day in the life on Teams, also a Cloud Conversations podcast. With renewed confidence I submitted the content to Commsverse and delighted to be approved as a session, following my appearance last year sharing the DWP Teams adoption customer success story.

Over the next few months, I met more like-minded MVPs delving into Viva. We named ourselves Viva Explorers and started a movement for a better employee experience.

I met Viva Transformer, Kevin McDonnell and helped me reimagine my blog in a demo on ReleCloud, a fictitious Microsoft company.

Me and Kevin are looking forward to sharing the demo at Commsverse on Thursday 30 June at 10am.

So the moral is, we are all blessed with unique features we could make more of so reimagine yourself today and be delighted by what you might start …

Viva Explorers mission: People are the heart and soul of every digitalization project. Viva Explorers are passionate, and we draw on our diverse origins to influence a serendipitous employee-centric technology movement, enabling a modern, empathic, enthusiastic workforce mindset!

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