Viva vision #4 A Viva day in the life on Teams!

Please join Cloud Conversations podcast hosted by Peter Rising, Kat Greenan and the Viva Visionary. For this exact content start 26 minutes in to the podcast.

I start the day with breakfast and my Viva briefing email which I read on my mobile, pulling outstanding tasks and meetings from Outlook. Get dressed and move to Teams on my desktop and join a brainstorm meeting. I had a bad night’s sleep so instead of switching on my camera share my Mesh animated avatar. I use Whiteboard and then my colleague takes control of the screen and shares his content camera in the office; which we always find fun and great way to ideate in our hybrid workplace!

  • Meetings ends, and I have a quick comfort break. Then send Praise to a colleague for being so helpful yesterday.
  • Then mark my calendar as Focus Time and work for 2 hours free of alerts and notifications, on a PowerPoint presentation making comments to two other colleagues on different time zones. We are collaborating on a presentation together and they will be notified of my comments by email.
  • I’ve not been in the company long, there’s an acronym I do not know so in the flow of my PowerPoint hover over it and a Topic card pops up with info and contacts; helping me to be more productive as no need to wait on others to respond to help me.
  • Lunchtime now and time to get some fresh air and walk the dogs with a Headspace Meditation on my mobile with my Teams certified headset.
  • Back to work and my line manager shares with me a link in Chat inviting me to take a quick training course on Microsoft Learn which I access through Viva Learn; and schedule on my calendar as Focus Time later in the week when I’m not so busy.
  • Then another 20-minute meeting where I share my screen with a project update on Planner. Two colleagues are off sick, so we record the meeting for them.
  • I need to do expenses so go to my personalised Dashboard in Connections and select our Expenses app.
  • I make a cuppa and open Viva Connections on my mobile and discover the latest company news.
  • I add comments to a Yammer conversation about the upgrade to our old meetings rooms into Microsoft Teams Rooms which look very cool. They are looking for volunteers to help test the rooms.
  • I watch a Stream video demonstrating the new rooms. I volunteer my help on the Yammer post.
  • At 4pm each day get a notification on Teams to reflect on my day and note my mood, selecting a smiley face in my personal Viva Insights.
  • Then another notification reminding me to wrap up my day with a Virtual Commute completing outstanding tasks and view my meetings tomorrow pushed from Outlook.
  • One of my meetings tomorrow is our team OKR monthly review so I quickly check how my personal objectives are performing against the team; and then against the company key results for the year to date; and we look in great shape in This is helping us focus on our critical tasks and processes as well as fitting in time for personal development.
  • My Quiet Hours & Days are set from 6pm GMT so time to relax with no notifications from colleagues pinging on my mobile from other time zones who are continuing to work; until I start work again the next day at 9am.

I end my very productive day with the satisfaction I am working smarter not harder on Teams with Viva; and my digital well-being is in great shape.

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