Viva vision #2 Topics enable Knowledge Management

Welcome to Viva Topics with a focus on knowledge and expertise.  Topics applies AI to identify knowledge and experts and organise them into shared topics. AI automatically creates a topic page for each topic. It’s like Wikipedia for the enterprise where AI does the first draft. These topic pages are surfaced as “Topic Cards” right in the flow of work in Office (and awaiting release in Teams). 

If you want to see how this feels try this feature I discovered working in the flow of PowerPoint and Word, pulling helpful content powered by Bing, SharePoint, and

Topics need to be managed in the Topic Centre. AI suggests Topics, and then knowledge workers/subject matter experts curate the Topics. This may well become a full time role for an individual or small team. So be mindful deploying Topics as this will need insightful people curating A LOT of content!

Microsoft Graph helps supply insights about content and knowledge throughout M365, and Topics builds on top of the Graph to create your knowledge network. Topics powers new user experiences for knowledge – including content integration via Search, and knowledge sharing via the topic center and topic cards, for example.

I love #hashtags. I talked a lot about them in the Yammer community and even created a Yammer hashtag model called Working Out Loud in A Network (WOLAN) endorsed by Microsoft, and got me my first MVP award yay! Yammer #hashtags are also Topics and now being elevated as #VivaTopics.

More to follow on my visions on how to create a network of Topic Champions!

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