Viva vision #5 Make Learning part of personal development

Here’s a busy manager with 25 direct reports who was finding it tough tracking her teams training courses and getting her own job done. However, she now uses Viva Learning. Quickly sends her team links to useful courses in private Chats, and tracks the teams training activities. This is supporting their personal development, and helping her focus on her own work.

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Culture is something that needs to adapt and change, and you’ve got to be able to have a learning culture. The intuition I got was from observing what happens in schools. I read a book called Mindset. In there there’s this very simple concept that Carol Dweck talks about, which is if you take two people, one of them is a learn-it-all and the other one is a know-it-all, the learn-it-all will always trump the know-it-all in the long run, even if they start with less innate capability.

Satya Nadella | Carol Dweck

Love! However, try adding a small, but important word with huge implications …


Viva Visionary

That’s all it takes to start a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. Since our parents first encouraged us to try and feed ourselves, try doing up our own shoe laces, try growing some herbs in a little pot. If we had not tried over and again to learn something new we would be in a terrible place.

Consider every day as a school day!

Walter S. Young

So consider every day a school day and try building a growth mindset in to your life! Viva Learning with Focus Time is intended to make this easier in a hybrid workplace. We are all capable of a lot more than we thought!

Focus Time helps you think clearly without any interruptions from email notifications and alerts from other apps.

Here’s Merethe Stave views on Learning and Knowledge. An MVP and CloudWay colleague. We are learning new knowledge together every day. Read her insights on how our new digital tools can help us improve our learning experiences and the propensity for new knowledge.

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  1. […] I have previously written about Microsoft Viva Learning in this blog: 24 days of collaboration celebrations – No. 1 – MeretheStave ( and my awesome and visionary colleague Lesley Crook shared her thoughts on Learning on one of her advent blogs: Viva vision #5 Make Learning part of personal development – MVP, Lesley Crook is a Viva Visionary […]


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