Viva vision #7 A Viva Visionary chats with a Viva Realist

Two MVPs co-presented at M365 UK User Group on 8 December. They shared their pragmatic Microsoft Viva views alongside predictions for next year, through the lens of Teams. Catch the recorded chat here .

Realists are practical, logical, and judge an event as it occurs. They accept a situation as it is and prepared to deal with it accordingly.

At this session the Realist shared her experience and views on the current state of the Viva tools as well as how to configure the Viva modules.

Discover MVP Teams Queen, Sara Fennah’s blog.
Visionaries are imaginative, creative and inventive. They are effective communicators because of a big imagination.

At this session the Visionary shared her experience and predictions on the improved Employee Experience, business benefits using Viva and user adoption.

Discover MVP Viva Visionary, Lesley Crook’s blog.

So are are You a Realist or a Visionary? Does not matter as equally cool!

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