Happy International Women’s Day!

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Today is a celebration of what women can achieve individually, but also in the community together.

Please meet some wonderful technology professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside and co-present with at community events this past year and predicting an exciting future! Under our restricted circumstances I am pleased to reflect I managed to have a blast of personal growth and immense fun with them.

Check-in with:

Merethe Stave MVP, speaker, trainer, Viva Optimist at CloudWay and experienced in Collaboration, Culture, Change Management, SharePoint 2007/2010/2013/2016/online and M365. Based Norway. I love working with Merethe as kindred user adoption spirits. Next stop Teams Nation co-presenting.

Sara Fennah MVP, speaker and Viva Realist holding 30+ Microsoft certifications & Microsoft Certified Trainer status. Based UK. I met Sara last Summer at Commsverse and presented together Microsoft Viva at M365 UK User Group and many more times in the past 3 months with more planned. Next stop Teams Nation co-presenting.

Me, Merethe & Sara are also co-presenting Microsoft Viva at 3pm today on YouTube! Here’s the full schedule of #Techknowday excellent talks.

Please let me introduce you to:

Sandy Zeng MVP, speaker and trainer at CloudWay and experienced in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Windows 10/1, Security. Based Finland and fluent in English, Finnish, Mandarin and Cantonese. Sandy works in our technical team and I have much to learn from her as I am in the adoption and collaboration team. Looking forward to meeting Sandy and the CloudWay crew speaking at NIC Norway in June.

Nikki Chapple MVP, speaker and trainer at CloudWay and experienced in Change Management and Enterprise Architecture, Teams and M365. Based UK. Nikki introduced me to the importance of the M365 governance, security and compliance model. I am learning a lot with Nikki.

Zoe Wilson MVP, speaker, trainer and Viva Dreamer experienced in SharePoint, service delivery, management and leadership. Based UK. I met Zoe last summer at South Coast Summit and looking forward to co-presenting with Zoe and the Viva Explorers* at Scottish Summit in June.

Kat Greenan MVP, speaker and trainer in Microsoft Teams and M365. Based UK. I met Kat last Summer where we moderated the user adoption sessions for South Coast Summit and bonded over doggies. It was an absolute pleasure to take part in a Cloud Conversations Podcast hosted by Kat and Peter Rising a few weeks later.

Ana Ines Urrutia  MVP, speaker and trainer in in Dynamics 365 Human Resources and employee experience solutions. Based Uruguay and Spain. I am very much looking forward to meeting Ana at Scottish Summit when we co-present with the Viva Explorers*.

And …

Sophie Dimelow is experienced in Microsoft Cloud Management and Technical Support. Based UK. I was in the audience at South Coast Summit when Sophie was in a panel discussion with Zoe, Sara and the very talented Dona Sarkar. Sophie admittedly was nervous as her very first speaking event but we all thought terrific and loving her LinkedIn posts.

Looking forward to catching up with all these women over the coming months … IN PERSON!

*Viva Explorers are a diverse and inclusive group of men and women on a journey to help improve the employee experience with Microsoft Viva through the lens of Teams nurturing empathic leadership. Includes those mentioned above and Stale Hansen, Marten Hellebro, Kevin McDonnell, Chirag Patel, Martina Grom and many more to join us!

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