Viva Explorer’s reach Collabdays at TNMOC, Bletchley Park, England

CollabDays was created by a group of MVP’s and user groups passionate about bringing people together to learn about technology and network with their peers at events around the world for free; and made possible by generous sponsors.

CollabDays, on 23 February will be held at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), Bletchley Park, UK. Between sessions spanning the Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft Viva, we meet Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer that helped decipher messages between Hitler and his generals during World War II.

Colossus, continued to evolve over the past 80 years into the internet and AI. Perhaps fitting and a real honour, Me, and MVP Sara Fennah are invited to share early iterations of Viva at TNMOC.

Collabdays UK

Colossus started a phenomenal information technology era that changed the world forever.

Likewise Viva has started a new era and long-haul journey to improve the Employee Experience through the lens of Teams and nurturing a new empathic style of leadership; supporting the distressing time we all recently experienced and continue to navigate.

However, we are now in a modern hybrid workplace some of which is surprisingly good!

With reimagined features in SharePoint, Exchange Online and Workplace Analytics (deploying Viva Connections, Viva Learning and Personal Insights). Plus exciting new features using AI and analytics (deploying Viva Topics, Manager and Business Insights). Later this year and new to Microsoft, will be aligning Personal Objectives with Business Key Results al through the lens of Teams.

Artist, MVP Merethe Stave

Our session on 23 Feb is at 3.20pm.

As the Viva Visionary I will be looking through my binoculars predicting Viva business benefits and Premium content.

Sara the Viva Realist, will share snapshots from her camera on how to use the Seeded, reimagined content and how to set-up Viva right now.

We are also both Viva Optimists, and will help navigate the Viva roadmaps of additional features shipping soon shared at Microsoft Envision.

Huge thank you to the Collabdays UK organiser’s Paul Hunt, Brett Lonsdale, Tony Pounderand good luck this week!

We encourage you to explore Viva on your own or join us and our fellow intrepid MVP’s as a great deal to discover! Find us here:

8 March. International Women’s Day – Tech(k) Now Day

23 March. Teams Nation

11 June. Scottish Summit (In-person)

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