Company Communicator on Teams

Research tells us there has been no major improvements in direct internal communication with audience push and pull capabilities “en masse”.

This has left Communicators with a niggling conundrum of how to reach all staff from Knowledge/Information office workers to Frontline Workers; and avoiding the challenges and frustrations using Outlook, SharePoint commenting, Yammer, Teams, WhatsApp and texts etc.

So imagine … an application that can directly connect employees with big announcements, fast and effortlessly sent by Corporate Communications and leaders; all through the lens of Microsoft Teams with asynchronous collaborative conversations

Well it is a thing!

Company Communicator, is a new Teams app that enables leaders and communicators to send messages directly to multiple teams, employees, or any subset of an internal audience, over chat or in a Teams channel.

Instead of relying on broadcasting announcements through email with onerous email distribution lists use Company Communicator app on Microsoft Teams. Use cases: New tech features deployed to a pilot/scoped group, straight into their Teams chat. HR sharing policy information. Covid information (vaccination drive or return to office policy) into General channel …

Demo: Gautam Verma, Innovation Manager, BMW Group, Germany

Key features
  • Message creation: Easily create messages by using a team tab where team members who are permissioned can collaborate and create messages.
  • Audience selection: Pick from four options to target audience. Send to general channel of selected teams, send in 1:1 chat to members of selected teams, send to all users who have the app installed or send to M365 groups, distribution lists or security groups.
  • Message metrics: Export messages delivery report.
  • Localisation: Supports multiple locales.

More information here to help reimagine your communications strategy and reach your audience with bullseye accuracy in the hybrid workplace on Teams, in the flow of work on any device!

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Microsoft Teams app templates – Teams | Microsoft Docs

GitHub – OfficeDev/microsoft-teams-apps-company-communicator: Company Communicator app template

Microsoft Viva celebrates 1 year: Transforming the employee experience – Microsoft 365 Blog

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