Envisioning better ways of working

Towards the end of last year, myself and a bunch of MVPs were invited to put our Thinking Caps on and envision Microsoft new features across not one, not two but three MVP blog/podcasts. On a personal note I am genuinely humbled to stand on the shoulders of giants and share my thoughts in this space.

One of my whoa predictions is how Viva Ally might align objectives with key results and company performance – filtered by Viva Topics.

Thank you! Yaroslav Pentsarskyy for 6 Microsoft MVPs Share What’s to Come in 2022 and Beyond as Microsoft Matches Technology to a Changing World — Origami (origamiconnect.com)

Thank you! Daniel Anderson for sharing 21 Microsoft Teams Tips, Tricks and Best Practises with these MVP predictions

Thank you! Tom Arbuthnot & Rob Scott at UC Today for sharing these MVP predictions

And please note I am posting this on a Friday. CloudWay has employees in 5 countries, and difficult to give everyone a day off on Fridays so introduced #NoMeetingsFriday where:

  • You are still at work, but no billing is expected.
  • No internal meetings are booked.
  • No recurring customer meetings are booked, if you MUST have a customer meeting to keep the momentum going, then do that.
  • Spend the day for personal growth through listen to podcasts, YouTubers, books on audible while you work out, mown the lawn, take a hike or while getting errands done.
  • Spend the day reaching zero inbox and convert actionable emails to ToDo tasks and declutter your mind.
  • Investigate new technology, write blogposts, make YouTube videos, prepare new talks or plan community events.

Perhaps others will try #nomeetingfriday in 2022 to achieve a better work-life balance by doing less community stuff and work at weekends!


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