Unpredicted awesome 2 weeks

CloudWay MVP

Excuse my tardiness. Intended to post this last Friday but returned from a lively Commsverse, a UK Community event that spans Microsoft Teams from every angle, to a kitchen full of builders demolishing our chimney breast in prep for a new kitchen.

So we moved out and camped this week at a friend’s [god-send] empty flat on Brighton seafront, but first went to Love Supreme Jazz Festival for the weekend, which was amazing! However, my sturdy little immune system dipped following a busy week then weekend. After dodging Covid for two years, went down with-it Sunday night. However, loads of sleep this week I thankfully have the lite variant.

So Commsverse. Brilliant keynote with a very amusing A-Team spoof film with looky-likey Mr T(eams) and other infamous Teams faces. BBC Gadget Show host, Jason Bradbury arrived on a motorised skateboard – we’re both Visionaries! During the event Top Gear Stig made an appearance, and some say Satya Nadella.

My un-predicted but awesome 2 weeks!
My unpredicted but awesome 2 weeks!

I chatted with many wonderful Customers and talented Vendors. Networked in and out of sessions with some of my CloudWay buddies: Nikki Chapple, Ben Lee, Marten Hellebro. Viva Explorers: Kevin McDonnell (we co-presented), Sara Fennah, Martina Grom, Chirag Patel – and found new ones!

Delighted MVPs: Joy Apple (US), Bill Ayers (UK), Laurent Carlier (France) joining Viva Explorers! Marvellous support from top tech bloggers: Tom Arbuthnot, Tom Morgan. And we now have more Microsoft Friends of Viva Explorers: Mark Furr, Sarah Burg, Laurie Pottmeyer.

On Tuesday 5 July I woke from a deep Covid snooze to about 10 messages: “Have you been renewed as an MVP?? YES!!”

When we returned to our house yesterday after builders completed first horrific messy phase I discovered a beautiful bunch of flowers from CloudWay: “Congratulations with your MVP renewal, thanks for being awesome!”

Plus more unpredicted awesome news… Boris resigned yay!

Don’t forget to register for Microsoft Inspire 19-20 July where yet more unpredicted awesome features are being shipped through the lens of Teams with Microsoft Viva.

But for now enjoy the Summer!


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