Why run a solo Teams meeting ?


Why might you run a #microsoftteams meeting on your own?

CloudWay recently delighted a customer by suggesting they record a #msteams meeting with just one member of staff, share their screen and give a tour of their current intranet features and complex taxonomy.

From this recording CloudWay watched the recording in our own time and we got what we needed for own specialist areas and then collaboratively created a proof of concept demo site for #vivaconnections in #modernsharepoint.

The customer has since reported this solo style recording very helpful, as often get interrupted sharing complex work and can go off track. Recording short solo focused sessions then sharing the recording either before the meeting or actually in a meeting is a quick and easy process that’s made a big difference to them.

Have you discovered any Teams features that solved surprising business challenges?

This often happens in healthcare research where a new drug developed for a specific symptom actually helps another unrelated symptom!


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