Viva Suite, too much, too young #AnswersInViva

Too Much, Too Young. The Specials. Likewise, #VivaSuite is special with too [much] features! It will help if young to keep up with the Microsoft firehose. Still, its all incredibly exciting so get set for another premium feature in #VivaEngage called #AnswersInViva.

2019, #VivaEngage (formerly #Yammer) released a new question post type to make knowledge capture in #Yammer easier. Following four years of research (Project Cortex), #AnswersInViva is born in #VivaEngage where topics connect an organization’s knowledge with employees and help with routing questions to the people more likely to answer.

Topics can play a valuable role in the Viva Suite. They are active in Viva Engage Communities, Stories, and new Viva Answers.

In Viva Answers, topics provide the organizational unit to categorize questions. Each question requires being marked by a Viva Topic, which is an important means to get new questions in front of people who may have the expertise to answer them.


#AnswersInViva requires the Viva suite or Viva Topics licenses.

Note: If you currently use Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) then simply filter knowledge by adding a topic to a post. Add valuable topics from the same drop-down menu where you add a useless gif. Consider creating topics aligned to #OKRs #KPIs or your personal development plan themes #PDP.

Go here for Viva Answers in Viva Engage:

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Answers scenarios for admins.

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