Viva Amplify – Private preview application


Viva Amplify is another excellent feature in the Viva Suite.

A dashboard for managing communication campaigns efficiently and effortlessly across complex businesses. You can publish communications to multiple channels, e.g., SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, or Outlook, target employee audiences, and review end-user data. Also includes writing guidance.

Here’s a preview of what to expect in 2023, and as a seasoned IC specialist, I think looks simply SENSATIONAL.

Viva Amplify preview
To create a new Comms campaign, select Create
Viva Amplify preview
Select your channels & audiences
Viva Amplify preview
Save campaign brief
Viva Amplify preview
Preview layout in SharePoint, Outlook, Teams or Yammer
Viva Amplify preview
Select Publish

Microsoft says: “One of the most important things for communicators to know is if they are being heard. Now they can set campaign objectives before setting out any communications. Once the campaign is underway, they can see if their message generates the outcomes they wanted and if people are engaging with their content.

Expected to be globally available 2023. If you can’t wait, then apply for the Viva Amplify Private Preview but be quick it spookily closes Halloween 31 October!

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