There is nothing new under the sun … integrated Viva Topics

Integrated Viva Topics

To say “there is nothing new under the sun” means there is nothing really new on the earth. All the activity of a man during his lifetime is lost in the grander scheme of things and will soon be forgotten (Ecclesiastes 1:11). However …

A few months ago I got chatting to a IBM leader on their views of Microsoft Viva. I launched into my tried and tested Viva spiel on the fantastic M365 reimagined features and then what’s new with Viva Topics but was stopped in my tracks as not new.

IBM search for terms and other assets using – IBM Glossary Anywhere. You simply highlight a word or phrase in a document by using the text capture method that you selected. To view your text capture method, hover over the book icon.” Tail between my legs and a quick search on the internet I found more: IBM Glossary Anywhere. Therefore,

What is new with Viva Topics and other Viva modules is cross solution intelligence integration everywhere in the M365 productivity cloud. With end to end security that is compliant and governed through the lens of Teams.

Read this excellent blog by Ben Lee.

Most companies have dozens of content management and index systems found in sales, manufacturing, finance, HR, and other support functions. So Viva Topics with dynamic Search has the potential to bring them all together.

Microsoft are reimagining robust but under-consumed products and features and now fully integrating them through the lens of Teams that can be reached easily on the mobile – eradicating a myriad of confusing standalone apps – and adding a serendipitous ribbon of connected collaboration across the enterprise. The goal is to improve productivity with seeded features the customer is paying for but not consuming.

Note. Pure Viva Visionary conjecture and keeping in mind there is nothing new under the technology sun but there is repurposing so the next big Viva announcement could be the cross solution integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) intelligence with SAP to support Supply Chains, Logistics and Warehousing at breaking point since the pandemic. Perhaps the 8th Viva module is Viva Enterprise through the lens of Teams?

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