Bring the outside in: LinkedIn Teams Chat

Following a fascinating visit to TNMOC at CollabDays this week where I gave a talk with Sara Fennah on Viva. I followed up on a chat I had with a new contact in a private message on LinkedIn the next day.

They responded immediately about taking our chat further so I asked for their email address to invite them to a Teams Meeting.

I then thought … as we can now add external users in group chats lets move our LinkedIn chat to Teams Chat which I did then sent a meeting request.

And then thought … as both platforms are owned by Microsoft how neat it might be if LinkedIn was aligned to Teams. I happened to mention this in a meeting later that day and told its on the Roadmap!

LinkedIn integration coming to Teams! We will begin rolling this out in mid-March and expect to complete by early April.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 89132!

“For those tenants that have LinkedIn integration available to their members, we are expanding its availability to Teams as a panel in 1:1 conversations. This is the first part of a series of updates which will also bring LinkedIn to the contact card in the coming months. Initially this is limited to contacts within the tenant, but as the contact card updates are released, then this will be available for all contacts within and outside the tenant. Once available, the new LinkedIn tab will appear at the top of the 1:1 conversation in Teams alongside the existing tabs for Chat, Files, Organization and Activity, and will work just like the contact card in Outlook does today.”

The vision is: “Find out what you have in common with them, see your degrees of connection, and connect on LinkedIn without leaving Teams.” 


Very neatly bringing the outside in!

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