Viva advent calendar

Warm welcome inside my visionary Viva advent calendar – not just for Christmas!

During this festive season I invite you to open a daily cloudy window on a current employee frustration; alongside a visionary Viva employee experience, nurturing a culture of digital wellbeing. People already using Viva are saying:

Now have quick access to company news and views!
This is a great work-life balance!
This helps me focus!
Now have easy to reach shared content!
This has improved my productivity!

Brilliant business benefits however, understanding the challenge we face these days and what leaders can do about it is the frustrating and difficult next step and that’s how we can help you in …

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops

Secure you Secret Santa gift and discover how Viva helps your business deliver personalised experiences to your employees with news, tasks, and conversations; provides data-driven insights and recommendations; organises content and expertise; and delivers formal and informal learning when and where it’s needed. ​

Workshop Agenda:

After the workshop you will have a clear understanding of how to get started with Connections in the M365 license; and a business case ready for Topics and Learning​. A separate workshop is offered for Insights.

Request a workshop, don’t leave it to next Christmas to find out how you can best support your staff in a hybrid workplace. Simply request a free workshop or contact me at CloudWay.

Please note that MS Cloud Accelerator Workshops can be run for customers and partners world wide, and CloudWay has specifically been chosen to run these workshops for select customers, which typically would not be eligible, all sponsored by Microsoft! So are you evaluating Microsoft 365 possibilities and have less than 40% adoption? Then you might be eligible for Microsoft Cloud Accelerator workshop for Microsoft 365.

Follow the Viva visions

03 Dec: Cloud Conversations Podcast: My productive and satisfying day in Viva on Teams..
08 Dec: M365 UK User Group: A Viva Visionary chats with a Viva Realist (Sara Fennah, MVP)
08 Dec: Yammer Community Festival: Looking forward to catching up with old and new Yammer fans and hearing great success stories
25 Feb: Scottish Summit: MVP’s – Kevin McDonnell, Zoe Wilson, Ana Ines, Sara Fennah, the Viva Visionary and more!

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